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Guido's Love

About the author David E. Kettlewell

David Kettlewell lives in Akron, Ohio and has been writing professionally for over 24 years. First a newspaperman, then feature story writer for magazines, he’s written several books, as well as plays and film scripts.

Another area of interest is his work as Producer and occasionally host of public service television shows on medical, sustainability, and arts topics.

“I think that of all the creative projects I’ve worked on over the years, my favorite is Guido’s Love. It certainly took more time than the others…5 years total, always over a meal and dolce wine! On a personal level, I am really fascinated by the way Guido has lived his life, and I utilize what I’ve learned from writing the book every day…I hope you feel the same way after reading it.”

“I feel good about creating this book, because so much of our world today feels unsettling on some level…what with what seem unending wars, and financial challenges worldwide. I find comfort in his stories, and it seems in retrospect to have been a worthy use of time…and for a writer, the limiting factor is always always always time.”

“The task of a writer is to find something in life worthy of reflection in words, and certainly love fits.”

David is currently working on a screen adaptation of the novel, “The Breath of Rapture.”

When that is completed, David says he will consider creating a film adaptation of the first 90 pages of Guido’s Love, or a sequel to the book.

David is not married, and has a wonderful Belgian Shepherd who goes with him everywhere.

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