Guido's Love Book Cover
Guido's Love: Ways of Loving & Raising a Family That Work

This is a story about the important things in life- family, friends, respect and LOVE, as Guido reveals his unique approach to loving and helping family, and friends. 4-color laminated water resistant cover, 318 pages, 40 photos.

It’s really FIVE books in one:

  • A marvelous mix of stories of Guido Cornacchione growing up on his parents’ farm in Fossalto, Italy, who finds success as a hair stylist in America and builds a wonderful marriage;
  • Life lessons he’s learned to help us every day; about raising children, loving your wife, success in business and more.
  • View the Guido and David interview
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  • His family’s reflections on Papa’s ways; Lisa, Rita, Carlo and Emilio share their thoughts on how they were raised by Papa, and Mrs. Guido shares her thoughts on their life of love together.
  • Guido’s tips on hair care & styling, perms, coloring, cuts, selecting a hair stylist and more.
  • A treasure trove of the family’s legacy of Italian food recipes, from eggplant parmesan to Magic Cheese you can make at home in an hour.

Read a sample chapter: THE COURTING OF VINCENZA/ PART I (The Satchel)

Listen to a sample audio track: THE COURTING OF VINCENZA/ PART I (The Satchel)

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