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Guido's Love, by David Kettlewell is a comforting, guileless and unpretentious book. It's a perfect read in a world that at times, seems anything but comforting or guileless. The writing is straightforward and original, sprinkled with imagery that transports the reader to Guido's childhood home and the sights, sounds, and smells of a small Italian farm in the 1940's.

Guido's childhood is rich without money and full without gluttony. The warmth of a loving family, the satisfaction of hard work well done and the beauty of the Italian countryside impart joys that transcend wealth, and as Guido matures and eventually immigrates to the US, he brings these values with him to his new home.

It's refreshing to use the word, "values". Sadly, this is a term that's been hijacked and to a degree, corrupted. Guido's Love speaks to real values, values of the heart and the spirit. Values that are learned from experience and love and not used as a political bludgeon. Guido's Love gently reminds the reader that there is such a thing as genuine, family values.

Kettlewell's book is essentially 5 different books, deftly woven together.

Life Story is about Italy and the rustic Italian countryside and family life on a farm. Life Lessons and La Famiglia speak to a loving, strong family. Then there's Hair Care. Yes, Hair Care! Guido's chosen profession is in a salon, and the inside perspective Kettlewell offers the reader is fascinating to anyone not affiliated with the hair care industry. Then there are Recipes...

The reader is allowed a glimpse of the sights and sounds and smells of a small, Italian indentured farm. Now the reader may experience the tastes on that farm with the inclusion of the family's precious recipes. This alone makes Guido's Love worth the purchase.

Finally, there's The Fountain, or La Fontana: A metaphor for dreams both realized and unfulfilled.

Kettlewell has written a book that is entertaining and enlightening and not at all preachy. It's an enjoyable read to be savored, hopefully with a nice glass of red wine, a piece of good bread and the warmth of family, whatever form that may be.

Kurt Niece

Kurt Niece writes about visual arts for SDGLN. He is a freelance journalist from Lakewood, Ohio. He is the author of "The Breath of Rapture" and soon to be published sequel, "Mercury Fields" and an artist who sells his work on